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Wisconsin and Illinois No Income Verification (NIV) Mortgage
Also known as "stated income verified asset loan"

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The stated income mortgage is a form of mortgage loan program that is part of a family of "low-doc" and "no-doc" loans, meaning little or no documentation is required for the loan.

With a no income verification mortgage you state your income but assets are verified.

The following are no income verification mortgage program highlights:

  • Paperwork is minimized - satisfaction level is elevated
  • Income is stated but not verified
  • Employment is verified
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Fixed rate loans available
  • Available on a large variety of property types
  • For self employed borrowers you just need a letter from your CPA or the person who prepares your tax returns stating that you have been self employed for at least two years!

Stated Income Verification Mortgage
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