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One of the biggest and most exciting decisions we make in life is buying a home. If you've watched friends or family go through the process, or have been through the process before yourself, you may have the idea that arranging a mortgage for the home you want to purchase is a grueling, stressful task that's nearly impossible to understand. At Ameristar Mortgage, we know that it doesn't have to be that way. We've used our extensive knowledge and experience to create a predictable process that each one of our customers follows.

Our goal is to use our expertise to guide you through the home-buying process and ensure that it goes smoothly every step of the way. We want you to focus your energy on finding that dream home, one that will keep you and your family comfortable, secure and happy for years to come. In the meantime, we will focus our energies on getting you what you need to make that dream a reality.

To make sure you start off on the right foot on your path to home ownership, an Ameristar Mortgage loan officer first helps you estimate costs and determine the level of home payment that will work best for you. We then do the financial analysis that enables us to make a firm commitment to providing the funds you need. By guiding you through these steps early and ensuring that they are done right, we give you the information you need to make smart home-buying choices. You'll have an edge over others who are shopping for a home because you'll know which homes to focus on-and the sellers of those homes will know that you are a serious buyer, backed by a leading mortgage company. Let us help you take those first steps.

Contact us now and we'll get started on your pre-qualification and pre-approval and you'll be two big steps closer to move-in day.

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