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How to Shop Mortgage Rates in Illinois and Wisconsin

Posted by Dennis Hardy on Aug 5, 2008


Rate shopping can be misleading…here’s what to look for.

If you’ve been using the Internet to search for a mortgage loan, you’ve probably noticed that everybody is promising the lowest rate. Many sites have tables full of rate information followed by pages of fine print.

At Ameristar Mortgage, you’ll find that we’re different. Instead of promises about mortgage rates, we’ll talk to you and gather some information first, so we can quote you a rate that you’ll qualify for. It’s important to understand that our current mortgage rates are the result of an equation that takes into consideration your personal credit history, property, income, loan type, term and loan amount.

Calling a lender and asking, “What’s your rate?” is similar to calling an insurance agent and requesting a price for auto insurance. There are so many other factors involved that the agent needs to ask the right questions before assessing the risk in insuring your vehicle. Your age, driving record, average miles you drive each day — all play a part in determining how much your insurance will cost.

Mortgages rates work the same way. Any mortgage representative can talk about a low mortgage rate, but not everybody will qualify for a loan at the lowest rate because there are many stipulations that go along with it. The 3 C’s are an important step in qualifying for a loan: Credit, Capacity and Collateral.

In the end, it’s about building trust and our commitment to customer service. That’s why we won’t simply quote you the lowest rate, but we’ll talk to you about your needs and your financial situation to find you the best rate you’ll qualify for. To see how competitive our current mortgage rates are, call 877-240-5840.

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